martes, junio 07, 2011


Following up last year's Anti-Rock Star and If You Like efforts for VH1, Y&R New York has turned another mad music moment, featuring animation from Madrid's Trimono. Here, we see how the music industry's oscillation between love and hate affects one musician's career.

Directors: Paulo Mosca / Abel Sánchez
Art: Paulo Mosca
Animation: Jose Antonio Cerro, Javier Ara, Paulo Mosca
VFX & Postproduction: Abel Sánchez

Executive Creative Director: Kerry Keenan
Regional Creative Director Latin America: Guillermo Vega
Creative Directors: Kevin Brady, Graeme Hall, Menno Kluin
Art Director: Alexander Nowak
Copywriter: Feliks Richter
VP Creative Vh1 Latin America: Sean Saylor
Executive Agency Producer: Jessica Dierauer
Directors of Content Production: Lora Schulson, Nathy Aviram
Conform: Switch FX
Mix: Sound Lounge
Sound Mixer: Evan Mangiamele
Sound Design: Evan Mangiamele
Executive Producer: Gloria Pitagorsky

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